Gordon Water Trading’s expertise, professionalism and extensive networks in the water trading industry make us the natural choice for first-timers and seasoned water traders a like.

Water trading is an exciting financial opportunity, but it can seem like a very complex area to the uninitiated. From jargon like permanent and temporary water allocation markets, water leasing, and water share trading, to policies, regulations and much more; it might seem like you need to be halfway through an economics degree before you even get started.

Fortunately, with Gordon Water Trading, it doesn’t have to be. Whether this is your first foray into water trading, or you’re seasoned in this promising industry, Gordon Water Trading has the knowledge, expertise, and connections to make the water trade process as straightforward as possible, so you can reap the benefits.

Gordon Water Trading is a multi-generational family business that’s 100% independently owned, so you can rely on our unbiased professionalism. Over many decades of cumulative water trading experience, we’ve built up a growing base of return customers who rely on us for accurate, up-to-date information and sound advice.

Operating from Mildura, Regional VIC, Gordon Water Trading trades across all states including Murray and Murrumbidgee Rivers and regions, as well as through the Murray Darling Basin. We conduct thorough research into the trends and fluctuations, and keep track of legislative news in Australia and state-by-state. With our water market expertise and strong network of buyers and sellers, you’re in the best hands to get the right price for you.



The temporary allocation water market involves a temporary transfer of a specific amount of water for a given season.

How to


Gordon Water Trading acts as a water brokerage intermediary for buyers and sellers. Explore our online listings, contact us directly, and/or register as a buyer or seller.



The permanent entitlement market involves the purchase and sale of water share assets (an ongoing share of part of the water available in a system) on a permanent basis.

Enter the Water Trading Market with our Specialised Water Brokers

Here at Gordon Water Trading, we are a 100% independently owned multi-generational family business that prides ourselves on providing exceptional customer service and unparalleled water market expertise.

With our professional and efficient approach to all trading activities, and our access to large volumes of water sourced from numerous traders across Australia, we take the stress out of water trading, so you can focus on the opportunity.

latest News

Water trading 2021

Water trading 2021

Water Allocation Trades (Temp Water) have been consistent in the last months at $90 to $105 per megalitre, right along with the Murray in NSW, VIC & SA. Water Share Sale (Permanent Water) has been trading between $5,950 to $6,200, this depends on the size of the parcel of water, but sales have been strong […]

How does water trading work?

How does water trading work?

Water Trading 101: How Does Water Trading Work? Water trading is a profitable commodity-based industry that many people haven’t heard of! It’s not as glamorous as some of the trading industries you hear about in the media (Dogecoin, anyone?) but it’s also a tangible, generally reliable industry with excellent growth prospects as Australia’s (and the […]