Water trading 2021

Water Allocation Trades (Temp Water) have been consistent in the last months at $90 to $105 per megalitre, right along with the Murray in NSW, VIC & SA.

Water Share Sale (Permanent Water) has been trading between $5,950 to $6,200, this depends on the size of the parcel of water, but sales have been strong in price compared to the Water Allocation (temp) for this trade year.

Clients can Carryover their Water Allocation (temp) to the amount of their Water Share (perm) they own that is associated to their ABA. Water Allocation carried over on High-Security Water Share will be in the “Spill Account” until the water minister makes a final call on the risk of spill next season. This is a risk you take.

Low-Security Zone 7 Vic Murray is a great tool for Carryover from June to July and then straight back in your tradeable account – but very bullish or expensive for sale.

Gordon Agencies has 140.2 megalitres at $1400 and Carryover costs approx. $100 per megalitre.

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