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Gordon Water Trading is a 100% independently owned water trading company,

trading in water markets across all states including Murray and Murrumbidgee Rivers and regions, as well as through the Murray Darling Basin. We take all the hassle out of water trading, and with our expert water market advice and large network of buyers and sellers, you can rely on Gordon Water Trading to get the right price for you.

Interested in permanent or temporary water?



The temporary allocation water market involves a temporary transfer of a specific amount of water for a given season.

How to


Gordon Water Trading acts as a water brokerage intermediary for buyers and sellers. Explore our online listings, contact us directly, and/or register as a buyer or seller.



The permanent entitlement market involves the purchase and sale of water share assets (an ongoing share of part of the water available in a system) on a permanent basis.

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Want to know more about the water trading process?

Have questions about the permanent water entitlement market or temporary water allocation market? Have water to sell, or want to buy water? Contact us with any information or questions you may have; we are more than happy to help simplify and streamline your water trading experience.

With a head office in Irymple, Victoria, we make water trading easier for all of Australia. Get in touch!